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Starting guide of Unix Operating System

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Unix is an Operating System which was developed by Ken Thomson and Dennis Ritchie in 1970 at AT&T lab(USA).Now I discuss the key features of Unix Operating.

1)Unix is portable(because it is written in C language).

2)Its a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system.

3) Unix has fully CUI based features but now Unix using the x-windows(some feature of GUI).

4)Unix is case-sensitive.

5)Unix is stable O.S.

Now I discuss the Advantage and Disadvantage of Unix O.S.


1)Security is high.
2)Virus Protected.
3)Very Stable.
4)Network Support.


1)Difficult to learn(but don't worry I am here).
2)Difficult to Install/download.
3)Not very user-friendly.

Kernel of Unix:-Kernel is the heart of Unix Operating System.It is the core internal part of Unix O.S.
Why we called kernel the heart of Unix??because it(kernel) manage all the hardware device like input/output device,It manage memory as per requirement,it manage date and time functions,manage the files and also allocate and deallocate the memory.

Unix Shell:-Shell is the program which interpret the commands.For more about Unix Shell click here.

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