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Booth's Algorithm of Multiplication

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The main purpose or use of this algorithm is to multiply 2 binary no.s.Booth's Algorithm is multiplies two number in 2's Complement.

General Steps of Booth's Algorithm:-

Step 1:-In step 1 firstly we take a multiplicand BR and multiplier Q(R) and set value of AC,Q(n+1),SC are 0,0,0 respectively.

Step 2:-In step 2 We check Q(n) and Q(n+1).

Step 3:-In step 3 if bits are 0,1 then add BR with AC and after that perform Right Shift Operation.

Step 4:-If bits are 1,0 then perform AC+(BR)'+1 then perform Right Shift Operation.

Step 5:-Check if SC is set as o.

Step 6:-Repeat Step 2,3,4 until SC<--0.

Flow Chart/Diagram of  Booth's Algorithm of Multiplication:-

Example of 
Booth's Multiplication Algorithm:-Multiply 7 with 3 with the help of Booth's Algorithm.

AC Q(R) Q(n+1) SC
0000 0011 0 4
1001(SHR) 0011(SHR) 0 4
1100(SHR) 1001(SHR) 1 3
1110 0100 1 2
0101(SHR) 0100(SHR) 0 1
0010(SHR) 1010(SHR) 0 1
0001 0101 0 0

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  1. There needs to be a take-no-action arrow from the Q(n),Q(n+1) test directly to the shr action box for the instance where Q(n),Q(n+1) is 1,1 or 0,0 . Also there needs to be a loop back for the condition of SC=/=0 .

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