Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Building Blocks of Computer

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As we know that computer consist is several of  electronic parts and they are connected to each other and form the whole computer so these electronic parts called as a Building blocks of computer
Generally Computer have 3 building blocks element namely:-

1) Logic gates.

2)Decoders & Encoders
3)MUX & Demux

1)Logic Gates:-Manipulation of binary information is done by logic circuit called gates.Gates are block of hardware that produce signal.For more click here.

2) a)Decoders:-Decoder is a circuit or we can say its a combinational circuit that is used to decrypt(plain to cipher) the data and also convert binary information to decimal information.For more click here.

b)Encoders:-Encoder is a circuit or we can say its a combinational circuit that is used to encrypt(cipher to plain) the data and also convert decimal  information to binary information.For more click here.

3) a)MUX:- Multiplexer is a circuit that produce one output from many inputs or in simple words Many to One.Multiplexer(MUX) is also called a Data Selector(because in this circuit the output units are depend on input unit).For more click here.

b)Demux:-Demultiplexer(demux) is a circuit that produce many outputs from one input or in simple words One to Many.For more click here.

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