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Explain Register|Type of Register

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Register is a group of flip flop suitable for storing binary information or in simple words Register is a device which is used to temporarily store the data  in the form of 0 and 1.It is mainly divided into 2 types namely load register and shift register.

1)Load Register:-Load Register is a register which is used to store the data or load the data.

Example of 4 bit load register:-

2)Shift Register:-Shift Register is a register which is used to shift the data.

Shift Register is divided into 2 parts i.e Serial Shift Register and Parallel Shift Register.

Serial Shift Register is again divided into two parts i.e. Serial Shift Register left and Serial Shift Register right.Parallel Shift Register is divided into Parallel Shift Register left and Parallel Shift Register right.

1)SISO(Serial In Serial Out):-

2)SIPO(Serial In Parallel Out):-

3)PISO(Parallel In Serial Out):-

4)PIPO(Parallel In Parallel Out):-

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