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Micro Operations are the operations which are used to create assembly language instruction.Some common example of Micro-operation of Computer Organization are:-

1)Register Transfer Micro-operation:-The main purpose of Register Transfer Microoperation is to transfer binary information from register to another register.

2)Arithmetic Micro-operation:-The main purpose of Arithmetic Micro-operation is to perform arithmetic operation on numeric data.

3)Logical Operation:-The main purpose of Logical Operation is to perform bit manipulation on numeric data.

4)Shift Micro-operation:-The main purpose of Shift Micro-operation is to shift the temporary data which are present in register.

Now shift micro-operation are divided into 3 categories:-

a)Logical Shift

  • Logical Shift Right(SHR)
  • Logical Shift Left(SHL)

b)Circular Shift

  • Circular Right(CIR)
  • Circular Left(CIL)

c)Arithmetic Shift

  • Arithmetic Shift Right(ASHR)
  • Arithmetic Shift Left(ASHL)

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