Monday, 17 December 2012

Pipeline Technique in Computers

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Pipeline is an technique which is used in many modern computer's.In this technique more than one process run simultaneously.The concept of Pipeline is quite simple means while one instruction is being executed,computer is decoding next instruction simultaneously.

Pipeline Technique is divide into 2 types:-

1)Instruction Pipeline:-In Instruction Pipeline,while one instruction is being executed,computer is fetching next instruction.The main advantage of instruction Pipeline is it reduce the time of process.

Point to Remember:-No. of Stage is directly proportional to Performance of CPU.

Instruction Pipeline has 6 phases:-

1)Fetch Instruction:-Read the instruction from memory.

2)Decode Instruction:-Determine the op code and operand.

3)Calculate Operand:-Its calculate the address of Operand.

4)Fetch Operand:-Its Fetch Operand from memory.

5)Execute Instruction:-It is used to execute the instruction.

6)Write Operand:-It is used to write operation in memory.

Arithmetic Pipeline:-Arithmetic Pipeline is used when we considered complex operation like floating point operation.

Simple example of Arithmetic Pipeline:-

Addition of 2 binary no. P=P*2a and Q=Q*2b.Find:-

1)In stage 1 compare exponent,
2)In stage 2 Align mantissa,
3)In stage 3 add mantissa,
4)In stage 4 normalise the result.

Disadvantage/Drawbacks of Pipeline:-

1)Branching Problem.
2)Data Dependency.

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