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Register Transfer Language

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Register Transfer Language is a language which is used to transfer data from one register to another register and also describe the sequence of micro-operations.But the description of micro-operation is too lengthy and difficult so we used symbolic notations.This symbol of notation describe by R.T.L.

Symbol                    Describe                    Examples
1)Letters and        Register Name        R1,R2,R3.....

2)Parenthesis       Part of Register      R1(0-7)

3)Arrow's               data transfer fr-      R1<--Ac
                                   om one place to

4)Comma(,)          Separate 2 micr-

5)Control Signal  It is denoted as le-  P:R1<--R2
                                    tter and colon.  

Let us take an example,Show conditional statement by 2 register transfer statement with control function.

if(P==1) then (R1<--R2)
if(Q==1) then (R1<--R3)

Sol.  P: R1<--R2
          P'Q: R1<--R3

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