Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Shifter(Bit Shifter) in Computer's and its Circuit Diagram

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In my previous post I explained you the function of Shift micro-operation(It perform shift operation on data stored in register).Now I discuss the Shifter functional table and its circuit diagram.

Functional Table:-

Select(S) H(0) H(1) H(2) H(3)
0 I(R) A(0) A(1) A(2)
1 A(1) A(2) A(3) I(L)

In a processor with many register is more efficient to implement the shift operation with a combinational Circuit.

Circuit Diagram of Shifter:-

In above circuit diagram we used 4 shifter with 4 inputs i.e. A(0),A(1),A(2),A(3) and produce 4 data outputs H(0),H(1),H(2),H(3). 

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