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Triggering of Flip Flop|Master Slave Flip Flop

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As we know that the flip flop is a bi-stable device or bi-stable synchronous device.In which Synchronous means(in respect to Triggering) at the time of triggering their was some slight changes in an output.

Triggering are of two types:-

1)Level Triggering
2)Edge Triggering

1)Level Triggering:-When the clock pulse goes high then Flip Flip can called  as Level Triggered Flip Flip.The main dis advantage of this flip flop is that it change stages many times when clock pulse is positive or negative for long time.

2)Edge Triggering Flip Flip:-When the positive transition is defined as positive and negative as negative then flip flop can called as Edge Triggered Flip Flop.

Now I discuss the Master Slave Flip Flop:-

Master Slave Flip Flip:-

Master Flip flip is used to handled the timing problem.S-R and J-K flip flop can't handled the timing problem.

Master Slave J-K Flip Flop:-

Master Slave Flip Flip is also drawn/constructed with JK Flip Flop.

In which the Red gates portion are called as Master flip fl0p and pink portion are called as slave flip flop.So the combination of Red and pink portion are called as Master Slave JK Flip Flop.

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