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Architecture of .Net Framework and its Component

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.Net(Dot Net) Framework is the platform which was developed by Microsoft.Dot Net is used to developed a software, designed a software and many more features it contained(s).

.(dot)Net Architecture:-

Some core topics which are used in .net architecture are as follows:-

1)Web Services,Web Forms and Window Forms:-Web Services include classes,web form created with the help of asp.net,window form can be created with the help of c#,j#,vb.net etc.

2)Data & Classes:-This logic comes after Web Services,Web Forms and Window Forms and before BCL(Base Class Library).

3)Base Class Library:-BCL or Base Class Libraries is one of the most important feature of .Net Framework(include language like c#,asp.net etc.).BCL includes feature of Runtime.

4)Common Language Runtime:-Common Language Runtime is the runtime environment framework developed by Microsoft.It is the core component of .Net Framework.CLR takes source code and translate it into byte code and finally byte code convert into machine code(with the help of compiler).CLR execute c#(c sharp) program.

Component of .Net framework:-

1)Web Application:-Includes web services and forms.
Language Used:-asp.net

2)Window Application:-Include controls and drowning.

Language Used:-vb.net,c#,j# etc.

3)Console Application(Language Used:-j# and c#).

4)Mobile Application:-Mobile Application creates with the help of WML(Wireless Markup Language).

Language Used:-c#

5)Data Base Application:-Creates App with the help of XML(Extended Markup Language).

Language Used:-ado.net

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