Wednesday, 9 January 2013

AVL Tree:Data Structure

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AVL Tree is a tree which is widely used in data structures of C++,java,c# etc.AVL stands for Adelson-Velskki & Landis(Name of 2 Developers).Its a balanced binary tree.In this tree,the height between the right and left sub-tree never be more than 1. 

Time Complexity of AVL tree in Big O notation:-

Operation    Average Case Complexity
Searching    O(log n)
Insertion    O(log n)
Deletion    O(log n)

AVL Tree Example(Algorithm & Animation):Right and Left Rotation:-


Step 1:- 

Step 2:- 

Step 3:-

Step 4:- 

Step 5:- 

Step 6:- 

Step 7:-

Step 8:-

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