Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What is B Tree?

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Most of us are confused with B tree and binary tree but they are much differ to each other.B tree(definition) is the balanced tree or we can say that it's a multi-way balanced tree and binary tree are those tree who's node have 0,1,2 children(s).It is used in c++,java,c# etc.

B tree satisfies following conditions:-

1)All leaf node have same level.
2)All non leaf node have n-1 keys.
3)All leaf node have m-1 keys.

Example of B-Tree(Animation and Algorithm):-

Suppose Order =5

than max. key value:-m-1
min. key value:-m-1/2.


Step 1:-

Step 2:-

Step 3:-

Step 4:-

Step 5:-

Step 6:-

Step 7:-

Step 8:-

Step 9:-

Step 10:-

Step 11:-

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