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Hashing Techniques

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Hashing is a searching technique that is widely used in c ++,java,c# etc.It has the best case complexity as compared to other searching technique.Its best case complexity is equal to 0(1) means record search in first attempt.

Now I discuss different-2 functions/method and hash collision:-

1)Mid Square Method:-

We will take an example:-

=22031168110(a value)
=11*11=121(square of mid value)

So store data in 121 location.

2)Division/Remainder Method:-

We take an example:-

=2345782829394(a value)

So divide this above value with the closest prime number and store  the value in that divisor.

3)Folding Method:-

We take an example:-

=121|456|111|45(a single value)

So stored that value in 986 location.

Now we discuss hash collision techniques:-

4)Linear Probing:-It is the most simple technique of hashing because if collision occurs,then store value in another empty space.

5)Bucketing Method:-Another great technique of hashing which is used to avoid collision in hash table.

6)Chaining method:-It is the technique which is used in hashing to avoid collision in hash table.

If data comes at location 2 then it create a chain like a linked list.So it is the best hashing technique as compared to other technique.

That's all about Hashing Techniques or algorithm(in data structure and computer science)

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