Monday, 21 January 2013

Searching(Computer Science)

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Searching is a technique which is widely used in c,c++,java,c# and many other programming languages.We can search anything like files,folder,page,documents etc or in simple words we can search particular data item in a structured data base like dictionary.

Searching Technique is divide into 3 parts:-

1)Linear Search.
2)Binary Search.
3)Indexed Search.

1)Linear Search:-Linear Search are also called as sequential Search,in this technique we search the data items from structured data base in a linear way.
Linear way means one after another.This method considered as simple when we compared this to binary search.

void main()
int a[30],i,j,k,x,n,flag;
cout<<"Enter Size"
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2)Binary Search:-Binary Search is a searching technique which is used to locate items in ordered list of particular number.

3)Indexed Searching:-Index searching is technique which improve the efficiency of search items.In index searching the file is divided into blocks and keys.

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