Thursday, 24 January 2013

What is .Net|Advantage of .Net Framework

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.Net(Dot Net) Framework is the platform which was developed by Microsoft.Dot Net is used to developed a software, designed a software and many more features it contained(s).

Advantage of .(Dot)Net:-

1)It supports oops(Object Oriented Programming) concepts like inheritance,class,object,abstraction etc.

2).Net is language independent software.

3)Features like CLR(Common Language Run time),CLS(Common Language Specification) etc.

4)Security is very high.

5)It has Integrated Development Environment(IDE).

6).Net is platform independent.

7)We can do programming in console application as well as window application.

8).Net contains the class libraries.

9)It facilitated language interoperability.

10)Easily handle the run time error.

That's all about .Net and its features.

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