Wednesday, 20 February 2013

CASE Tool(Computer Added Software Engineering)

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CASE(Computer Added Software Engineering) tools are those tool which are used to support developers,users etc.CASE tool provide support in each and every stage of SDLC(System/Software Development Life Cycle).

Type of CASE tools:-

Upper CASE(Front-End):-It supports

->ER diagram

Lower CASE(Back-End):-It supports


Other types:-

1)Coding tool

2)Design tool

3)Analysis tool

4)Testing tool etc.

Advantages of Computer Added Software Engineering tools:-

1)Improve productivity.

2)Coding is simple.

3)Easy to install.

4)Developed high quality system.

5)It reduce system cost.

6)System will be accurate most of the time.

Disadvantages of Computer Added Software Engineering tools:-

1)Sometimes,its very complex.

2)It has limited scope.

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