Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Conversion Process and its Methods

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Conversion is a method which replace hardware,software etc. database into new database or in simple words Conversion is a process which convert the old system to new system for update technology,increasing capabilities of system etc.

Method/type of Conversion:-

1)Parallel Conversion:-Parallel conversion is the most secure conversion of all time.Both new and old system work at same time in parallel.

Advantages and disadvantages of parallel conversion:-

a)Not consumed time.

b)It guarantied of flow of data.

c)It is very reliable.

d)This technique is very costly because both system(old and new)working at same time.

2)Direct Conversion:-Direct Conversion is the conversion technique in which old system is directly terminated into the new system so this technique is very risky.

3)Phased Conversion or phase In conversion:-Phased Conversion or phase-In-conversion is the method of the conversion in which system is converted into the phases(phases by phases or function by function).

4)Pilot Approach Conversion:-Pilot conversion is a conversion method in which more than 1 system are working at same time.

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