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Data Dictionary

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Data Dictionary is a tool which is used to create/design database.Data Dictionary creates table,table's field,table's attribute.This concept comes under DBMS(Database Management System).It maintain database information.It is also called as meta data(data about data).

Roll no. Name Board Percentage
1    ABC    CBSE    81%    
2 XYZ ICSE 66%
3 QWE UP 77%
              Example of Table(SQL)

Data Dictionary contains definition of structure,elements,data flow,data store etc.

1)Data Element:-Smallest part of data.

2)Data Structure:-Group of elements.

3)Data Flow:-Data at motion.

4)Data Store:-Data at rest.

Format of data dictionary:-

Its format contains-

1)Data Element
2)Data Flow
3)Data Structure
4)Entities and Process.

Sample Format:-

RANGE:0 TO 9999
DATA STORE:Roll no. of student.

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