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Decision Support System

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Decision Support System are the management information system that used decision models for decision making.DSS is computerised information model.It provide information to manager,user's(group) at decision making.

DSS is the management support system which provide support to management for betterment of the organisation.

Advantages of DSS:-

1)Solve structured and unstructured problem.

2)Decision Support System is flexible.

3)Decision Support System is easily changeable.

4)Responsible information system.

5)Decision Support System is user friendly.

6)Problem solver.

Component of DSS:-





5)Planning language


Uses/applications of DSS:-

1)Used in analysis.

2)Used in valuations.

3)Used in budgeting etc.

Examples of Decision Support System:-

1)Clinical Decision Support System.

2)Marketing Decision Support System

3)Health care Decision Support System etc.

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