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Decision Table

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Decision Table is the tabular representation of logic and decision.Sometime it is very difficult to create a flowchart for many condition,so at that conditions we used Decision table.So Decision table is a table which is used to create complex program logic of system/software.

Decision Table is divided into 4 parts:-



3)Condition Entries

4)Action Entries

Type of Decision Table:-

1)Limited Entry Table(Action and statement are full)

2)Mixed Entry Table(Action and statement are partially full)

3)Extended Entry Table(Action and statement are not complete).

Sample/Example of decision table(Format):-

Condition Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4
Joy's Play Y Y N
Jame's Play N Y Y
Rome's Play Y N Y

Joy's Play X X

Jame's Play

Advantages of decision table:-

1)Very simple to create.

2)Easy to understand.

3)Easy to convert into computer program.

4)Table can be split.

5)We can change table according to requirements.

Disadvantages of decision table:-

1)In Simple conditions,flowchart will be beneficial.

2)When to many condition,action than decision table can not list them.

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