Sunday, 10 February 2013

Feasibility Study

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Feasibility Study is used to determine/identify the chances of improvement of processed and existing system.This is one of the most important phase/methodology/step of SDLC(System Development Life Cycle).It studied whether to cancel system or proceed with that system/software.

Feasibility study are conducted for identify viable options.It also identify "Is project is worth doing or not".

Type of Feasibility Study:-

1)Technical Feasibility Study:-This feasibility related with identity option of h/w and s/w.

2)Operational Feasibility Study:-This feasibility is related with different-2 operations.

3)Economic Feasibility Study:-This feasibility is related with cost benefit analysis.

4)Management Feasibility Study:-Related with Management type studies.

5)Legal Feasibility:-Related with legal type issues for example complaints etc.

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