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Management Information System

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Management Information System or MIS is the information system which is used to integrate pure system.MIS is the combination of 3 words i.e Management,Information,System.In which term Management means tools,functions,planning,tasks etc.,Information means raw,facts and figures and System is the combination of interrelated component.

Two type of MIS:-

1)Manual MIS.

2)Automated or computerised MIS.

Management Information System is the extension of Transaction Processing System(TPS).In Management Information System we put value added features in their processing.Management Information System contains exceptional information.

Role/Essentials of Management Information System:-

1)Store the data.

2)Process the data.

3)Provide security to data.

4)Exchange data.

5)Backup data etc. 

Factor Responsible for success of MIS:-

1)Good people/knowledgeable people in organisation.

2)Proper work should be done in company.

3)Good resources etc.

Factor Responsible for failure of MIS:-

1)Lack of expert person.

2)Lack of team work.

3)Lack of resources.

Features and Advantages of Good Management Information System:-

1)It should be management oriented.

2)It should be integrated.

3)Not contains duplicate data.

4)Easy to used(in modular form).

Problem/disadvantage of MIS:-

1)Accuracy problem in some reports.

2)Sometimes,quality problem.

3)Output totally depend on input.

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