Saturday, 9 February 2013

System Analyst

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System Analyst is the person(he/she)who is responsible for development of the company.System Analyst is the interface between consumers and developers.System analyst can be of many type like network system analyst,financial system analyst,clinical system analyst,business system analyst etc.

Role/need and Responsibility/function of System Analyst:-

1)He/She should be a agent of change.

2)Monitor the whole organisation and system.

3)Should be motivator.

4)Captures data.

5)Designed and evaluate the system.

6)To solve problem definition.

Skills/attributes and qualification/requirements of System Analyst:-

1)Good in communication.


3)Educated person(min. graduate).

4)High vision.

5)Quality of Leadership.

6)High quality skills.

7)Technical skills.

8)Management skills.

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