Tuesday, 12 February 2013

System Testing

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System Testing is one of the most important phase in  SDLC(System Development Life Cycle)model.This method/phase is come after System design.It check whole system and tested frequently.Testing verifies the whole system.

The main goal of system testing is to test system performance.

Important system test techniques/types:-

1)Recovery Testing:-It verify the recovery of the system(planning of recovery).

2)Security Testing:-Tested security against hackers,malicious code etc.

3)Stress Testing:-Test the system at abnormal conditions.

4)Load Testing:-In this testing method it check the load capability of system.Example we purchase a bike then it should be carry our weight.

5)Reliability Testing:-It checks is our system is reliable or not.

6)Functional Testing:-It verify the functional feature of the system software.

7)Usability Testing:-Check is our system is user friendly or not.

8)Compatibility Testing:-It check is our system is compatible or not.

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