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What is System|Features of System|Type of System

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System:-System is a collection of component which work together to perform a task.System contain input,process it and provide the appropriate output.System is a interdependent group of component which are linked together to perform a goal or their objective.Example of System are like marketing system,information system,business etc.

Characteristics/Features/advantage of System:-

1)All System has predefined objective.

2)All System component are interrelated to each other.

3)System are divided into sub system and sub system are also divided.

4)System can perform integration.

Elements of System:-3 main element of system are as follow:-


Type of System:-

1)Physical System:-Physical System are those system which are visible to us.Example T.V.

2)Abstract System:-Abstract System are those system which are not visible to us(only conceptually present).Example Algorithm.

3)Open System:-Open System are those system which are freely interact with environment.

4)Closed System:-Close System are those system which are not freely interact with environment.

5)Deterministic and probabilistic System:-Deterministic system are those system which give appropriate output but Probabilistic system give expected output.

6)Manual and Automated System:-Manual System are those system which contains manual efforts for data collection whereas Automated System contains computerised effort.

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