Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cache Memory in CPU

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Cache memory are those memory which are used to increase up the speed of computer processing or in simple words cache memory are the special type of memory which are used to increase the speed of computer system.

Cache memory used the special technique to increase the speed of computer.

Types/levels of cache memory:-

1)L1 cache:-It is also called as primary cache or main cache.L1 is very small in size but very fast.

2)L2 cache:-It is also called as secondary cache.It is faster and somehow large.

Working of Cache Memory:-

1)Cache instructions fetch from current address.

2)CPU checks their is any need of cache instructions.

3)If yes,then instructions is fetched from cache at very high speed.

4)If not,then CPU fetch instructions from internal memory at very low speed.

Cache size is very small(around in size 256 kb or 512 Kb).Cache is the Random Access Memory that can quickly transfer the instructions.It is the specialised memory which is used by CPU to speed up the access of RAM.

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