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Central Processing Unit(CPU)

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Central Processing Unit(CPU) is one of the most important part/component of computer.CPU is also called as the brain or heart or Mastermind of computer system.Central Processing Unit follows the instructions of the computer(which is given by us) and perform the specific task.

Parts of CPU are also mention in above figure(picture).

CPU is divided into three types(Component of CPU):-

1)Arithmetic Logical Unit:-Arithmetic Logical Unit or ALU is the main part of CPU.It perform all arithmetic operation/functions like +(Addition)- (Subtraction),Division(%),Multiplication(*) etc.

It also perform all Logical operations like >,<,>= etc.

For more help please visits ALU(Full Article).

2)Control Unit:-Control Unit or CU is another important functional part of CPU.It control all the devices which are used in computer system like input,output devices etc.

For more help please visits Control Unit(Full Article).

3)Memory Unit:-Memory unit contains the concept of primary memory,secondary memory and the register.

It store the data and instruction which are given by user's.

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