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Primary memory of computer system

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Primary memory of computer are those memory which are directly connected to the motherboard of CPU.Primary memory also called as the main memory of computer or Internal memory of computer.

Primary memory use different-2 spaces for storing the data.So which kind of data hold by primary memory?.

1)It holds all prepossessing data.

2)It holds all instruction before processing.

3)It hold big program like Operating system.

Table of Memory size(From Bit to Tetra byte):-

1 Bit o or 1
1 Byte group of 8 Bits
1 Kilobyte 1024 Byte
1 Megabyte 1024 Kilobyte
1 Gigabyte 1024 Megabyte
1 Tetra byte 1024 Gigabyte

Type of Primary Memory:-

Mainly primary memory is divided into two parts namely RAM and ROM but apart from these primary memory be semiconductor memory,bubble memory etc.

1)RAM(Random Access Memory):-RAM is used to hold data and instruction(temporarily).It is volatile memory.For more help please visits RAM(Full Article).

2)ROM(Read Only Memory):-ROM is used to store the data and instructions(permanently).It is non-volatile memory.For more help please visits ROM(Full Article).

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