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Random Access Memory(RAM)

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Random Access Memory is the primary/main memory of computer system.RAM can read as well as write the data.It is a volatile memory(When power off or electricity gone accidentally than all unsaved data will lost).So RAM holds the data temporarily.

Some size of RAM are 4 MB,8 MB,16MB,32MB,64MB
,128 on.

Types of Random Access Memory(RAM):-


1)SRAM:-S RAM stands for Static RAM or Static Random Access Memory.S RAM are those RAM which are not need to be refresh.S RAM is very fast and its access speed is 70-90 nanosecond but S RAM is very costly.

2)DRAM:-D RAM stands for Dynamic RAM or Dynamic Random Access Memory.D RAM are those RAM which are need to be refresh in a short period of time.It is slow as compared to S RAM and its access speed is 18000-22000 nanosecond.It is very cheap and consumed less power than S RAM.

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