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Read Only Memory(ROM)

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ROM stands for Read Only Memory.As a name suggest this memory is only read the data or instructions but not write it.In simple words only the read operation take place in ROM(NO write Operation).

Read Only Memory is the non-volatile memory,but RAM is volatile memory.Non-volatile means when power off or electricity gone accidentally than all unsaved data will not be lost.So ROM holds the data permanently.

ROM is mainly used in BIOS(Basic Input Output System) in a computer or stored system software.

Types of Read Only Memory(ROM):-

1)PROM:-PROM stands for Programmable ROM or Programmable Read Only Memory.It is used to store program in a computer but it can write program only once.

2)EPROM:-Erasable Programmable ROM or Programmable Read Only Memory.It can store computer program and also erase it.It can written program many time using U-V rays(Ultra Violet rays).

3)EEPROM:-Electrical Erasable Programmable ROM or Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.It can used to store the program and erase the small parts of the program.

4)EAPROM:-Electrical Alterable Programmable ROM or Electrical Alterable Programmable Read Only Memory.It is used to store program like addition,subtraction,division etc.

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