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Secondary memory of Computer System

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Secondary memory are those memory which are not directly connected to motherboard of computer system means they are connected from outside the computer.It is also called Auxiliary memory or auxiliary storage.

Features of Secondary Memory:-

1)It is very cheap as compared to Primary memory.

2)It stored large amount of data.

3)It is connected from outside.

Why we use Secondary Memory?

Due to because,in primary memory we have very Small area to stored our data and primary memory is also expensive too.So we use secondary memory as a supplement of primary memory.

Types of Secondary Memory and its devices:-

1)Flash Drive/USB/Pen drive:-Pen drive are of very small size and store large amount of data.

2)CD-ROM:-It stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory.It is the optical disk which is used to optically store the data.

3)Floppy Disk:-IBM introduce floppy disk in 1970.It is used to store small amount of data.Floppy disk are of 2 types:-

1)Mini Floppy
2)Micro Floppy

4)Hard disk:-It is also called as magnetic disk.Hard disk is the set of disk platters and it stores large amount of data.

5)DVD:-It stands for Digital Video Disk or Digital Versatile Disk.It is the extended version of CD and it store large amount of data as compared to CD.

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