Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What is application software?

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Application Software are those software which are used for specific purposes example MS Word,spreadsheet etc.

This type of software required more work from user's end.

Now I discuss some example/types/lists of application software in brief:-

1)Microsoft Office Word:-Also called as MS word,it comes under a package of MS office.It helps you to create professional looking documents.It contains reviews,font,page layouts,mailing etc.

2)Microsoft Office Excel:-Also called as MS Excel.It is the power full tool of manage your data with ease.It contains cell,column,rows etc.

3)Microsoft Office PowerPoint:-Also called as MS PowerPoint.It is an another important application software which is used for specific purpose.It is used for creating presentations.It contains ribbons,tabs etc.

4)Microsoft Office Access:-Also called as MS Access.It s used to make process of creating database so easy.

5)Paint(Drawing):-This application software is used to make figures,chart,diagram etc.

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