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What is computer Network?Full Article on computer networking

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Networking term means when group of devices are connected to each other.So in computer network,interconnected computers are sharing resources.Resources like text,images,video,audio
,files,documents etc.In computer networking not only computer are connected but I/O devices,terminals are also connected and perform data communication.

What are the elements/components of data communication?

1)Message(content of data).

2)Sender(Devices that send data).
3)Receiver(Devices that receive data).
4)Medium(like wired,wireless etc.).
5)Protocol(set up rule of network).

Need/use/Objective/Advantages of Computer Network:-

1)It provide better communication between hardware and software.

2)Network provide sharing of resources.

3)Many times,error free transmissions are take place.

4)It provide good speed for transmission.

5)Networking is very cost effective.

6)Networking is very flexible. 

7)Video conferencing is also possible.

8)It provide good security.

Disadvantages of computer network:-

1)Sometimes,it may be costly.

2)Required lots of effort on installation.

Type of Computer Network:-

1)LAN:-LAN stands for Local Area Network.It is also called as Limited Area Network(But don't write this full form on your final examination).IN LAN,group of computer are connected to each other with in a building,office,school,home etc.

For more help in LAN than please visits Computer LAN(Full link).

2)MAN:-MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network.In MAN,group of computer are connected to each other with in a whole city.

For more help in MAN than please visits Computer MAN(Full link).

3)WAN:-WAN stands for Wide Area Network.In WAN,group of computer are connected to each other with in a broad geographical area.

For more help in WAN than please visits Computer WAN(Full link).

4)VPN:VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.In Virtual Private Network,group of computer are virtually connected to each other in a private network.

Type of Computer network on the basis of Architecture/Network Models:-

1)Peer to Peer Networking:-In Peer to Peer Networking,group of computer are connected to each other in a network.In this type of networking their is no fix client and server.So it provide less security example cybercafe.

2)Client Server Architecture:-In Client Server Architecture,group of computer are connected to each other in a network.In this type of networking their is fix server and client(Every time server full fill the demand of client node).

What is Topology?

Topology is the physical layout of network.It may be in the shape of ring,star,bus etc.

Computer Network devices:-

Some important networking devices are HUB,switch,modem,router,bridge,gateway etc.These devices are used in transmission of data. 

Transmission Media:-

Transmission Media are used to transfer data from one computer to another computer.

It may be of 2 type:-

Guided Media(Twisted Pair Cable,Co-axial cable and Fibre Optic Cable).

2)Unguided Media(Blue tooth,Infrared,satellite etc.).

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