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What is computer software?Explain its different types

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Software are the set of programs/packages which we can not touch and feel as like hardware(It is device which we can touch and feel).Software provide better communication between computer/PC and user.

Software is the combination of instructions to perform the specific task.

Relation between Software,hardware and user(Diagram):-

Types of Software:- 

1)System Software:-System software are those software which we can used to control the system and also used for run applications.

Example:-DOS,Unix etc.

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2)Application Software:-Application software are those software which are designed to perform a specific task.

Example tally,payroll etc.

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3)Utility Software:-Utility software are those software which are used by everyone.

Example:-MS Office.

4)Presentation Software:-Presentation Software are those software which are use to create/make computer presentations.

Example PowerPoint.

5)Language Software:-Language software are those software which are used to developed languages code.

Example:-c,c++,HTML5 etc.

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