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What is Local Area Network(LAN)?

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LAN stands for Local Area Network.It is also called as Limited Area Network.In LAN,group of computer are connected to each other with in a building,office,school,home etc.The range of LAN is very small i.e. 0 to 5 Km.Some component of LAN are nodes,server,NIC(Network Interface Card) etc.LAN basically used only twisted pair cable and common example of LAN is Ethernet.

Diagram of Local Area Network:-

Advantages/Disadvantages/Needs/Characteristics of LAN:-

1)Using LAN,we can access so many devices like Printer,plotter etc.

2)LAN provides great security.

3)LAN is reliable.

4)Easy to manage.

5)Rate of error is very low.

6)Easily expandable.

7)We can transfer our resources very easily.

8)Sharing of resources are of very high speed.

9)Easy to setup.

10)Installation is easy as compared to MAN and WAN.

11)It is very cost effective.

12)Limited number of computer are connected.

13)It connected in a small geographical area.

14)It can be wired or wireless.

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