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What is Network Topology?

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Topology(LAN topology) is said to be the physical layout of the network(shape of the network).It specified how computer/nodes are connected to each other.It also represent the connection of nodes in a network.

Types of topology:-

1)Star Topology:-Star topology consist one central devices(HUB or Switch) which manage the whole data.

Advantages of Star topology:-

1)Easy to extend.

2)Easy to implement.

3)It is reliable.

4)Follow client Server architecture.

5)Transmission speed is very fast.

6)Installation is easy.

Disadvantages of Star topology:-

1)Use so many cables.

2)It is costly.

3)If central device is fail than whole system is down.

2)Ring Topology:-Ring topology are those topology whose physical layout is like a ring.It generally used coaxial cable.

Advantages of Ring topology:-

1)All nodes are equal.

2)Transmission speed is good.

3)Network is more readable.

Disadvantages of Ring topology:-

1)If one cable is loose than whole network is down.

2)If one node is not working than whole network is down.

3)It is expensive too.

3)Tree Topology:-It follow the concept of tree.It is also called as extended star topology.

4)Bus Topology:-Bus topology are those topology whose physical layout is like a linear bus.It is also called as linear topology.

Advantages of Bus topology:-

1)Easy to extend.

2)It is not expensive.

3)Follow client Server architecture.

Disadvantages of Bus topology:-

1)Required more cables.

2)Provide low security.

3)Troubleshooting problem.

4)If one cable is loose than whole network is down.

5)Mesh Topology:-It is also called as point to point topology because in this topology all nodes are connected to each other in a point to point network.

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