Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What is Router?

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Router is a networking device that send group of messages(packets) to different-2 networks(It will send packets only on those networks which have same protocols).Example Internet or Intranet.

In simple words,
Router is a device which connect two or more networks.
Router chooses the shortest route for data communication.It is used to determine the next network point in which we sends packets.Routing feature is also used in OSI model in network layer.

Type of router:-

1)Wired Router:-Those routers which uses wired medium for data communication.
2)Wireless Router:-Those routers which uses wireless medium for data communication.

Routing methods:-Routing method are of two types-

1)Static routing:-It conclude that how packet will send or received from one network to another.

2)Dynamic routing:-It is much advance than static routing.

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