Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What is system software?

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System software are those software which are used to coordinate with all the operations of the connected device of the computer system.System software manage computer system and also controlled it.

System software control all major operation of computer system(PC) in which some are:-

1)It control all hardware devices including input  devices,output devices etc.

2)It control all software.

3)It control memory management. 

4)It control process management.

5)It can manage all the files and documents.

6)It is also used in I/O management.

7)It is also used to maintain  jobs on the basis of priorities. 

Type of system software:-

1)Programming language software(First generation ,second generation,third generation,fourth generation,Oops.

2)Operating system(like UNIX,windows,Linux etc.).

3)Utility programs(like addition,subtraction,sorting etc.).

4)Subroutines(Repeated task).

Different-2 environment of system software or Examples:-

1)Single user environment(DOS,Windows)

2)Multi -user environment(Linux,Unix).

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