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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Explain Counters in Digital Circuit|Type of Counter and its Circuit Diagram

Counter:-Counter is a circuit(sequential) which count the sequence of digital input pulse or in simple words Counter is an device which is used for counting number of clock-pulse that's why we called this term as counter.Counters is divided into many type namely Synchronous Counter,asynchronous counter or Ripple Counter,mod-n counter(Single mode,multi-mode),Ring Counter etc but its 2 main categories are Synchronous Counter and asynchronous counter.Counter is also used for measuring frequencies.

1)Asynchronous Counter or Ripple Counter:-In this counter each Flip Flop is triggered by the output of previous Flip Flop.

Now I explain it with an example of 4 bit Asynchronous Counter:-

Example of 3 bit Asynchronous Counter:-

2)Synchronous Counter:-Synchronous Counter is most simplest form of counter because it required less no. of hardware but speed of operation is very slow.

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