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Friday, 10 May 2013

Computer Architecture:What is Data Bus?

Data Bus is the bus which carries data and transfer machine instructions(which are given by us)from one place to another,but don't be confused with Address bus(Address bus carries the address not data but it carries the information of data).

Accumulator Data(AC):-AC is also called as Processor Register.The main purpose of AC is to store and accumulate data.

Status Register:-Status register is also called as flag register.Its generally in 1 bit.Some important consideration of flag register are carry,zero,sign,parity.

Program Counter Register(PC):-The main purpose of Program counter register is to execute instruction.

Instruction Register(IR):-The main purpose of Instruction register is to execute and store machine instruction.

Address Register(AR):-The main aim of Address register is to holds the memory address.

Temporary Register(TR):-The purpose of this register is to holds the data temporarily.

Input Register(INPR):-INPR is used to hold the incoming data which are coming from input devices like keyboard etc.

Output Register(OUTR):-OUTR is used to hold the output data.

Data Register:-It is called as DR.It is used to holds the data.  

Now I draw the flow chart/diagram of data bus and its bits table.

Register Number of bits
DR 16
IR 16
AR 12
TR 16
AC 16
PC 12l

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